BSM System

The BSM frame stands out as a versatile multi-purpose tool. With a simple maneuver, it effortlessly transforms from a flat frame for mopping to a broom or a squeegee.

The frame edges boast high-quality TPE molded material, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Thanks to its engineered stem, the frame securely locks in place when using either the broom or squeegee function. This 3-in-1 option provides the ultimate flexibility making it the only frame of its kind.

  • Perfect for mopping, sweeping or squeegeeing surfaces
  • Reduces the need for extra tools in the cleaning cart
  • Quick Connect system to easily attach other accessories in our range

More information

Size: 41-71"


Size: 41-71″

Weight: 0.71 lb


Size: 15.7×4.3″ or 9.8×4.3″

Weight: 0.54 lb or 0.37 lb