Ergo System

Ergo pole boasts a unique design specifically crafted to mitigate the risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). Biometrically validated, it proves effective in alleviating muscle strains when compared to straight handles during routine cleaning tasks.

The bent handle, coupled with the innovative knuckle/stem, facilitates seamless mopping on all hard surfaces.

The rotating ergonomic ball at the top of the handle minimizes wrist movement during mopping, while the flange design is an additional safeguard against hand slippage when cleaning walls or ceilings.

  • Biometrically validated to alleviate muscle strains
  • Innovative curved pole to be used with the Ergo Frame only, allowing for smooth «S» motion mopping
  • Flange design prevents hand slippage when cleaning walls or ceilings
  • Rotating ergonomic ball minimizes wrist movement during mopping

More information

Size: 46-71"


Size: 46-71″

Weight: 1.12 lb


Size: 15.7×3.9″

Weight: 0.81 lb