Mini PRO System

A professional-grade mop system for everything above the floor.

The Mini PRO system is perfect for extending cleaning and disinfecting reach on desks, counters, walls, whiteboards, and other surfaces above the floor. A larger handle diameter provides improved control and ease of motion during use. The rotating ergonomic ball at the top of the handle is designed for a comfortable hand position and minimizes wrist movement during mopping. 

Lightweight Mini Flat Frame frame featuring a perfectly flat bottom (with 3 hook-and-loop, end-to-end channels) for even pressure, uniform chemical dispersion and consistent clean.

Despite its compact and lightweight design, the handle is durably constructed with aluminum, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting performance.

  • Perfect for cleaning desks, counters, walls, whiteboards and other surfaces.
  • Larger handle for easier control and motion
  • Rotating ergonomic ball for minimal wrist movement and improved grip
  • Compact and lightweight, yet built sturdy to last

More information

Size: 21-32"

Size frame: 10 x 3.9″

Size handle: 21-32″