Single-Use Microfiber Wipe

Part no. 1031083030002

Single-Use Microfiber Wipe is engineered for performance. This wipe is ideal for programs looking for superior bacteria and dirt removal and a streak-free finish. This product is specifically engineered for healthcare programs where cross-contamination is a concern and can be used damp or dry.

  • Perfect wipe for disinfecting surfaces and leaving the surface streak free
  • Safe for use on all surface types
  • Single-use application to reduce risk of cross-contamination
  • 100% synthetic microfiber wipe
  • Can be used with common disinfectants, detergents or sanitizers
  • Removes and retains bacteria, dirt and dust particles
  • Can be used dry or damp

More information

Size: 12x12”

Composition: PA/PET

GSM: 60 & 100