U-Clean System

The U-Clean System enhances old time cleaning methods with innovative features to provide a multi-purpose tool for most surface cleaning applications.

The U-shaped design increases surface pressure and helps remove all forms of dirt and soil.

The base frame has a special design edge which works great in grout lines, to help with agitation and scuff removal.

The hook and loop strips and push clips allows for either a microfiber pad or standard microfiber cloth.

U-Clean comes with a locking stem to hold frame in position in order to clean overhead surfaces. It will automatically unlock in the case of a hard impact to prevent the frame from getting damage.

  • Perfect for grouts, corners, windows, and walls
  • Can be used with a microfiber pad or a microfiber cloth
  • Tip of base is designed for getting into grout lines as well as utilizing as a squeegee for heavy spills
  • Curved design allows for tight fit into corners and along base cove
  • Quick Connect system to easily attach other accessories in our range

More information

Size: 41-71"


Sizes: 13.8×2.4″ or 11.8×2.4″

Weights: 0.46 lb or 0.41 lb


Size: 41-71″

Weight: 0.71 lb