Window Cloth

Part no. 12"x12":4031103131002, 16"x16":4031104141002

Microfiber Window Cloth designed for your most delicate surfaces. The textured cloth creates multiple points of contact with the surface, enhancing cleaning efficiency, reducing lint, and improving soil removal.

This cloth is engineered with the finest quality materials and is specifically designed for handling the most delicate cleaning requirements, yet is robust enough to remove stubborn stains safely.

  • Perfect for hand cleaning any glass, mirror, or smooth surface
  • Removes dirt, grime, and bacteria
  • Leaves a streak-free finish with no lint residue
  • Traps fine dust particles and reduces hazing effect
  • Safe on all hard surfaces and equipment

More information

16x16” & 12x12”

Composition: PA/PET( Available with 40% RPET)

Absorbency rate: 154%

Cleaning area: 123ft²